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Name:d. a. sterling
⚠️ about ⚠️

to hold myself accountable and force myself to finish an original novel for the first time, i'm going to be posting a chapter of whatever this is every friday. i've done very little planning, worldbuilding is happening on the fly, and the novel doesn't even have a title yet. [update: as of the beginning of september it has a title, but i'm not putting it here for privacy reasons.] think of this as an exercise in pantsing. when the novel is finished i'll edit it, but until then, this is the ultimate shit first draft.

⚠️ rules ⚠️

this is a private journal for me to share my writing with a small group of friends. if i've added you, that means i trust you not to share this content anywhere else.

comments are appreciated (even something as simple as "i read this!" or your favourite line from the chapter would be wonderful), but critique is discouraged. thank you for understanding :')

⚠️ f.a.q. ⚠️

is there a way to get emails whenever this updates? yes there is! go to the profile page (which is where you should already be if you're reading this) and click "track account."

what's this novel about? it's sci-fi, it's set in space, it's my desperate attempt to be as funny as douglas adams and as thorough as stephen baxter. there's politics. there's espionage. if all goes well, there might even be a bit of romance.

why does it say up there that your name is d. a. sterling? i think the real question is why doesn't it say "d. starling," actually.
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